The Friendship

A convict transport built in Scarborough 1784

274 Tons 75 Foot long

Carried 76 Male and 21 Female convicts plus crew and Royal Marine guards

Master, Francis Walton

Portsmouth to Botany Bay



Friday 16th March 1787
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Extracts from the Masters Log
"Wednesday 7th March 1787 Lying in Hamoaze (Plymouth Anchorage)
Winds NW These 24 hours as of last part Rec'd orders to take on board our Marines & Convicts & proceed round to Portsmouth"
"Sunday 11th March 1787 Lying at Plymouth
These 24 hours mod breeze Rec'd on board 95 male convicts & 21 women from on board the Dunkirk"
"Friday 16th March 1787 Lying on the Mother Bank
These 24 hours as the last part At 6 pm came to anchor on the Mother Bank in 7 Fathoms water found lying here the Sirius with all the fleet bound for Botany Bay"
"Wednesday 9th May 1787
These 24 hours as the last Employed in taking provisions for the use of the Marines and Convicts"

Sunday 13th May 1787
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Extracts from the Masters Log
The Friendship set sail for Botany Bay at 5am on Sunday 13th May 1787
"At 5am the Commodore made the Signal to Weigh we did and run through the needles"
She sailed for Tenerife arriving on Sunday 3rd June "Winds W Tenerife SW3W 12 or 15 leagues These 24 hours a mod breeze & cloudy Wm at 8pm brought up in Santa Cruz Road in 25 Fm water w our small bower & 50 ft cable"
Friendship left Tenerife for Rio de Janierio on Sunday 10th June "At 5am the Commodore made the signal to weigh & we did with a light breeze at SSE & stood to the SW stowed the anchors & cleared the decks"
During the voyage it was common for a convict to die " Saturday 23rd June These 24 hours as the last Departed this life Patrick Delaney convict"

"The Friendship"

Monday 6th August 1767 Masters Log
"These 24 hours as the last At 9pm the signal was made for the fleet to anchor in Rio Janiero Bay in 16 Fm water l/w small bower Dis 3 miles from the harbour Rec'd orders to remain on board the Commodon for orders w did At 2am weighed out of Rio Bay & at 8 am came to anchor in the harbour in 18 Fm water the town bearing W by N Here end the sea journal"

From Rio towards the Cape of Good Hope
Extracts from the Masters Log
"Sunday 23rd September Winds variable Course S73E Dist 143 Lat 33:40 Long 17:4 Thes 24 hours a strong gale Cloue reefs The top sails The sea running very high & ship'd a great deal of water"
"Saturday 13th October Winds SW Course E Dist 108 Lat 34:21 Long 1:11E
These 24 hours as the last part Departed this life Tho Mason child convict"

Monday 29th October Man Overboard
Copyright National Archives ADM51/4376

Monday 29th October "These 24 hours light breezes & variable Employed in hauling up our cables & cleaning under them 2 pm fell overboard Patrick Vallance Second Mate and was drowned".

28th October Lying in Table Bay
Copyright National Archives ADM51/4376

From the Cape of Good Hope towards Botany Bay
"Saturday 5th January 1788 Winds NNW Course N79E At 10 am saw the land Bearing N & W 6 or 7 leagues These 24 hours a strong wind and thick Wd"
"Saturday 19th January Saw the land bearing WNW 7 or 8 leagues. These 24 hours a fresh breeze & cloudy At 5 am saw the land again bearing WSW Dist 5 or 6 leagues Run down along  the coast to the Nd Dis from the land 5 or six miles At 8 am made harbour of Botany At 10 brought up in the bay in 7 Fath water in the 8' side of the bay Found lying here the supply brig W Had arrived the day before So ends the sea journal"

Saturday 19th January 1788 Arrival Botany Bay
Copyright National Archives ADM51/4376

19th January 1788 Lying in Botany Bay
Copyright National Archives ADM51/4376

"Sunday 20th January These 24 hours light breezes from the S Arriv'd the remainder part of our fleet All well"

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